Introduction towards the Plug Valve

When plug valves are well lubricated they can also be employed to handle abrasive or sluggish materials found in pipeline systems and dirty upstream applications.

Lined with a viscosity improver such as amorphous or fumed silica along with a base oil these valves have excellent sealing properties and reduce friction. Nonlubricated plug valves such as lift fully lined and elastomersleeved plug valves can be used to move abrasive substances for example sulphur or hydrogen fluoride. These types of valves also work best for applications where media might trapped or solidify thereby jamming the valve. Other media that can be moved by plug valves include Neutral liquids like oil and water Acidic and Alkaline corrosive liquids Slurry Neutral gases such as steam and air Corrosive gases including chlorine and acid vapors To properly select a valve have to have to first understand the function then choose a kind of valve to meet that function.

In addition to knowing what sort of media is being moved and what sort of flow is desired it is also essential to know other vital information before selecting a plug valve. For instance the configuration of your system the length and width the ports what amount media is being moved desired life of the equipment plus more. As Mike Shorts President of Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. says the best operation comes from valves sized for the application not the fishing line. We ve previously discussed how to pick specific valves for improving production period and MTBF and thought it would thought about good time to review one of the most simple and economical valves available the plug valve.

The materials cast iron cast steel stainless steel chrome molybdenum steel or brass are generally applied into the produce of the valve body. And the adoption of the W F or T for the produce of the seal surface greatly increases the variety and performance in the valve itself. besides many efforts have been done to boost sealing and service life. For example the specially manufactured grease lubricant is poured from the the superior body to area between the hole and the muscle. Such does help to form film to scale back the friction.

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