June 2016

The Fact About the Lies Behind UFO Cover-Ups and also Conspiracies

Our trusted UK government claims there is not enough proof to sustain the legitimacy of the existence of UFO’s on or above the Planet. They claim that these are all virtually misidentified airborne objects or scams.

Does such an insurance claim actually hold water?
Not in my opinion.Facts About UFO

Stanton Friedman, author of Traveling Saucers and Scientific research, states, “One of the basic insurance claims of UFO debunkers is that there is no evidence that any kind of unknown flying dishes (UFOs) are wisely managed extraterrestrial spacecraft. No researchers have actually seen UFOs; there are no radar instances; there is no physical evidence; federal governments can’t keep tricks; all that accident landed at Roswell was an array of Magnate balloons; so on as well as so forth.

My first inquiry is, who are those dastardly debunkers? Most of the times it’s the armed forces, knowledge firms, the government, researchers, the media, journalists, counter-conspiracy philosophers (insane crackpots who have theories against conspiracy theory theorists), and also any person who feels required to be part of the Big Lie.

An additional reality is that as long as the government and these various other factions keep concealing the fact, as long as they keep existing, it’s going to be tougher as well as harder for those “official debunkers” to admit it when the reality really does come out. After that it is out, it’s simply that too numerous debunkers are frantically seeking to cover it all up. Not also effectively, of course.

As it stand now, we understand that they know vital details. As well as we know that they KNOW that we know about it. We understand that they’re trying to conceal the truth. We understand that they do not want us to know anything, and we know that they don’t desire us to understand too much. Yet as high as we do KNOW, they continue to grow false information into the mainstream, contaminating the waters to ensure that we cannot discern exactly what’s true as well as something that’s not. Yet a lot of us can discern the reality from the lies. Can not we?

The debunkers depend on the truth that most UFO sightings are either constructions (tall stories), phony, misidentifications, unexplained items, or hoaxes. Usually expected witnesses will see aircraft (whether standard or experimental), climate balloons, blimps, meteors, birds, and so on, to which they will improperly declare are UFOs. Those stubborn debunkers desire us to think even these are not real sightings.