February 2016

UFOs: Show Me The Proof!


A lot of exactly what was prominent in 1947 (the birth year of the contemporary UFO period) has actually fallen by the wayside currently – yet, interestingly enough, not the UFO ETH. The UFO ETH is as prominent as ever before, possibly also much more so now than in 1947 (or quickly afterwards – it took a while for the ETH concept to come to the fore), not that appeal relates of requirement to something factual.

reality in UFOOver six years on, regardless of all the expert and also amateur sceptics as well as the universal naysayer, the federal government denials, scientists professing the ‘no evidence’ mantra, the ‘laugh’ factor as well as the ‘silly period’ publicity, fodder only fit for the papers, the UFO ETH is active and well thank you quite a lot. Something needs to be driving this. Probably, a minimum of for a number of the great unwashed, there is some signal in the noise – some sort of evidence (albeit not physical enough to be appropriate to lots of expert researchers) that’s guiding the public into believing that aliens are not just right here, however here and now.

Certainly it is not adequate enough for checking out aliens as well as their interstellar craft (UFOs if you will certainly) to just theoretically exist (considering that there’s no real physics or design avoiding this) – there’s got to be some type of real evidence – and also it exists in spades as we shall see.