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UFOs Over Malmstrom Air Force Base

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Richard Thieme's essay titled “Out of the Closet on UFOs”

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    Martin Shough’s analytical report “Exeunt Exeter?”

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      Crop Circles 101 and Way Beyond

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        Credible websites and “The Other Websites”?

        I have been involved in the study of UFOs and the UFO phenomena for over 5 years now. On various online site discussions or speaking with people I have found myself saying all too often that because a site has the word research in the title, it does not mean the site is a credible. Not all sites are credible because they quote anonymous sources. If you conduct a Google search with the words “UFO research” as the key words you get about 24,800,000 results. A search using the “UFO Sources” as the key words you get about 9,070,000 results. Do you think all of these sites are credible websites? I don’t. There are several items I believe make a site credible. Below I will discuss what those items are.

        A good UFO research site should list all their sources. Every source used for their research should be listed on the site. If the site has essays on various UFO topics those essays should be accompanied by a bibliography, endnotes, or footnotes listing the sources the material came from. If the site administrator posts essays from other UFO researchers then valid links to the original website that hosts the essay should be posted with this repost. If a scanned a copy of an essay is published then all the information needed to find the original essay should be published along with the scanned copy. Such as, the name of the author, the name of the book it came from, the copyright date of the book, the publisher of the book. If they post primary sources where the original source came from or how another person can access the original source that should be posted with the primary source. Remember people fabricate stories. A good researcher must validate their sources. A good site should post their sources. When they don’t you are left wondering what is true and what is made-up.

        Second, a good UFO research site should use more primary sources over secondary sources. A quick difference between the two is a primary source is the original document. A secondary source is created by interpreting the primary source. For example, reading the Constitution is a primary source. Reading a book about the Constitution is a secondary source. Another example is reading a memo directly from the FBI stating a UFO crashed in downtown Washington D.C. (on FBI letterhead) is a primary source. Reading an essay that talks about a memo from the FBI about a crashed UFO in Washington is a secondary source. As a researcher you want the original sources. You want to see the documents with your own eyes. Here the eyewitness testimony with your own ears. See the video of the UFO with your own eyes and ears. Remember you are there to find sources to use for leads for your own research. You are there for primary sources.

        Third, this is a tricky one in this field. You want a site that lists the human sources they quote or get information from. I have seen many sites that over use the word anonymous source. An anonymous source said this or an anonymous source said that. Anonymity is a cloak of invisibility to the story. It not only cloaks the identity of the source but it cloaks the credibility of the quote and material being reported. Ask any journalist and most will say they want a source that is on the record that will admit their name in print and stand by their statements. Off the record and anonymous source citing is done with great care. When or if this is done, it is often with the permission of their editors. The reason for that is simple, credibility...for the reporter, the story, and the news outlet reporting the story. No one can verify a quote or information provided by the source if there is no name attached to it. How do you know the information was not made up by the reporter? You cannot ask the source. You don’t know there name. A story is weaker without a name attached to the information provided. The story’s creditability is questioned and that is why anonymous sources are used with such great care in journalistic practice.

        Credibility is the key to good journalistic practice and it is the key to good ufology research. There are many reasons for sources to want to remain off the record. It could be because of an oath they took, fear of career reprisals, or fear of criminal prosecution for breaking a confidentiality agreement. But you must be careful of websites that have all their sources as listed as anonymous. Remember these sources cannot be verified. Who they are and what position they hold cannot be verified. What is from the source and what is from the writer of the article cannot truly be known despite how much the writer says the report is accurate and the source is creditable?

        This essay listed several things you should look for when deciding what websites to visit for your UFO research. Remember good UFO researchers are not afraid to reveal their sources and show the evidence they have. Look for the sources, look for the primary sources, and look for the over use of anonymous sources. Sites that have none of these beware. Ask yourself what they are hiding.

        Why Won't the US Government Disclose Information About UFOs?

        At a seminar recently I was asked if I believed that the government was hiding information about UFOs.  There are many who believe that there is a conspiracy within the US Government and military to withhold information about UFOs from the public.  I'm sure the government has much more information about UFOs than it has revealed.  And, there is a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence that shows both the intelligence community and military have been involved in the investigation of UFOs as well as statements from former military personnel which cannot be ignored.  I have also seen official reports and spoken with high-ranking military officers that lead me to the above conclusion, but I would not call it a conspiracy.

        Consider for a moment that the duty of government intelligence and law enforcement organizations is to protect the country and its citizens. Likewise, military personnel have taken an oath to protect their country. While it is true that some of these people are a bit overzealous in their efforts, for most the secrecy is a commitment to duty rather than a conspiracy . These people firmly believe they are acting in the best interest of their country by not disclosing UFO information.

        Why? Doesn't the American public have a right to know?  Many would argue that we do.  Others would counter that such knowledge would cause chaos, destroying the religious, social and political fabric of the country.  Surely there would be some who would view such a revelation with trepidation and others who would leverage it for personal gain, but I consider it an outdated argument.  In the 21st century, the concept of aliens and space travel is well engrained in American society through the fantasy of Hollywood and the reality of our space programs.  Even the Vatican has acknowledged the possibility of alien life. So, why all the secrecy?

        Let' consider that question from another perspective.  What if a nation was in possession of information and technology so advanced it was incomprehensible based on current science?  And, what if that same nation was concerned that such technology in the hands of its enemies was indefensible?  The solution might be to deny the existence of that technology and its creators.  If the creator doesn't exist, then the technology doesn't exist and it is less likely that anyone will search for it (or try to steal it as in the case of military secrets).

        That doesn't mean we stop asking the questions and doing our research, but this may help us better understand why secrecy continues to obscure the truth and the obstacles we face in getting information about UFOs.  And, if the above is true does that present moral and ethical dilemmas for the UFO researcher?  If we want to tap into the government's repository of UFO-related information we may need to adopt a more discrete approach and explore informal channels of access to protect and encourage sources.  Publicly demanding government disclosure and FOI (Freedom of Information) requests have yielded very limited results and I don't anticipate any greater success in the near future.

        So, what can we do? We can use the same techniques that intelligence organizations use. We can leverage informal relationships and fractional research to build a body of information that can be linked together for corroboration.  Small pieces of information may seem meaningless, but can be linked together like the pieces of a puzzle.  And, this isn't just new information.  It is important to maintain a sense of history and perform the research necessary to mine older UFO data to add to the puzzle.  Likewise, even when reputable sources refuse to publicly acknowledge their statements, their information may be corroborated through other data thus protecting their identity and encouraging the flow of further information.

        But maybe we are getting some answers; we just need to read between the lines. When asked if astronauts have observed UFOs in space, NASA's response has been;"...the astronauts have not observed anything in space that we would not expect to see in space."  On another occasion I asked a high-ranking military officer why the government doesn't show more interest in UFOs? "How much time would you spend investigating a question that you already know the answer to?" was his reply.

        MUFON and the UFO Phenomenon

        By Richard Telesca, M.Ed.

        Stories of unusual flying objects, strange lights in the night skies and seemingly otherworldly visitors have existed for thousands of years. This session will explore the UFO Phenomenon including unidentified objects in the skies, crash/retrievals, alien visitors, abductions, ancient aliens, UFOs & the US Government, and the role MUFON (Mutual UFO Network plays in separating fact from fantasy.

        Can UFOS and Alien Life Really Exist?

        The UFO Phenomenon has been an enigma since Kenneth Arnold first reported his sighting in Washington state in 1947. So, are all those people who report unidentified objects in the sky just crazy? Surely, there are those who tend to let their imaginations run wild and the vast majority of sightings are just misidentifications of common items and natural events. And, it's true some people just live in a world of fantasy.

        At the same time, I am amused by all the supposedly educated people and "journalists" whose comments are thinly veiled ridicule of any person who might entertain the possibility of alien life let alone suggest one might have observed something truly unusual in the sky. With the current estimate of about 10 billion earth-like planets within our galaxy alone, that type of thinking is arrogant if not ignorant. It is also out-of-date in that a majority of the population and people of science now believe in the possibility of alien life.

        Then we hear the same old tired arguments; "Even if aliens do exist how could they possibly find us in the vastness of space and then travel the great distances required?" Well, maybe they would do the same we do - send probes out into space and hope to get lucky. As far as the science of space travel is concerned, one must realize that mankind has been flying for just over 100 years and we have already visited the moon. What will we be able to accomplish in 200 years? A more advanced civilization may have discovered the secrets of space travel. It is not unreasonable to think mankind has a long way to go before we truly understand the physics of the universe. After all, until not long ago it was accepted that all life required photosynthesis, then we learned about life forms that thrive in our oceans through chemosynthesis. In case you may have missed it, that last statement was a thinly disguised indictment of our knowledge of our own planet. So, how is it possible our science can definitively say what can or can not exist in the universe?

        To be fair I am not criticizing the scientific community. I know many distinguished scientists who readily accept the possibility of alien life given what we are now learning about the universe and the shortcomings of our own science. Like most of us they still seek that irrefutable proof and diligently strive to understand the complexity of the universe. And, the more we learn about our own history raises legitimate questions about the civilizations that came before us and cosmic connections of our existence.

        I believe alien life exists elsewhere in the universe. Until I or anyone else can prove they know all there is to know about this vast universe, to say otherwise is ignorant. While I can't prove definitively if such life has visited earth, based on our limited scientific knowledge I ask, "Why not?" And to those who respond incredulously to the ridiculousness of my question I ask, "Based on current knowledge of aerodynamics, please explain to me how a Bumblebee can fly?" Surely they do, but according to our science it's not possible.

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          New England UFO Conference, Inc.

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          4th Annual Exeter UFO Festival

          4th Annual Exeter UFO Festival
          Exeter, New Hampshire
          Saturday September 1, 2012

          For the Schedule of events click Here.
          For the List of Speakers click Here.
          For Direction and Lodging click Here.

          2012 MUFON Ufologist of the year

          Kathy Marden had the honor of being named MUFON Ufologist of the year at this year's 2012 MUFON Symposium. Let us all congratulate Kathy on her well deserved award for her hard work and dedication.

          Ufology in AFRICA

          Cynthia, african ufologist, deceased and his friend astronomer decided to publish on the web her "booklets".

          To see her Booklets click Here.

          UFO Propulsion Systems

          By Stanton T. Friedman

          If we deduce from the mountain of evidence that some flying saucers come to earth from nearby solar systems (there are one thousand stars within fifty-five light-years, forty-six of which are like the sun), we are immediately faced with two questions:

          (1) How can a spaceship travel from a nearby solar system to earth in a reasonable time?

          (2) Once here, how can flying saucers behave the way they are observed to behave? How do they achieve their reported high speed flight in the atmosphere (thousands of miles per hour), their ability to stop and start abruptly, to move up and down and back and forth seemingly with none of the limitations of conventional aircraft?

          To read more click Here.

          Experiencers Speak Conference - Sept 8th, 2012

          PRESS RELEASE - UFOs Make History

          Governments have been concerned about UFO sighting reports since WWII, but historians have never made a concerted attempt to understand their often contradictory responses to the phenomenon. How could something of such potential technological and national security consequence have left no visible trace in the history books? Whether it's a conspiracy or not, the subject has been marginalized to such an extent that it's as if the military never acted with alarm on the heels of a UFO sighting, as if the intelligence community never took up the issue behind closed doors, as if government research and development efforts never attempted to duplicate the phenomenon. But they have.

          So now a collection of veteran UFO historians and researchers have attempted to address this historical oversight with the publication of a new book entitled UFOs and Government, published by Anomalist Books. The authors have spent more than four years researching thousands of government documents and archives in order to present a work of historical scholarship on the U.S. government's bungling response to the UFO phenomenon. How and why the U.S. government and other governments around the world have dealt with the UFO phenomenon during most of a century is the focus of this historical inquiry.

          The remarkable story explains much that is new, or at least not commonly known, about the seriousness with which the military and intelligence communities approached the UFO problem internally. It also reveals how the subject became treated as if it were a triviality, and why the United States government deemed it wise to treat it so.

          Though the book focuses primarily on the U.S. government's response to the UFO phenomenon revealing how bureaucracies fight amongst themselves, protect themselves, and in the end fail to serve the public also included is the treatment of the subject by the governments of Sweden, Australia, France, Spain, and other countries.

          The book's international cast of authors was headed by Michael Swords, a retired professor at Western Michigan University with an extensive knowledge of UFO history, and managed by Robert Powell, director of research at the Mutual UFO Network.

          UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry
          by Michael Swords and Robert Powell, with Clas Svahn, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Bill Chalker, Barry Greenwood, Richard Thieme, Jan Aldrich, and Steve Purcell
          Anomalist Books, ISBN 1933665580, Large format trade paperback, 594 pages with hundreds of photos and illustrations; $29.95, More info at AnomalistBooks.com

          "The Current State of the UFO Phenomenon"

          The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)
          Connecticut Chapter

          "The Current State of the UFO Phenomenon"

          Saturday May 19 - 11:00AM
          West Hartford Methodist Church Fellowship Hall

          The Connecticut Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) will present USAF Major George A. Filer (Ret). Major Filer will highlight a symposium on the current state of the UFO phenomenon.
          The West Hartford Methodist Church Fellowship Hall is 1/4 mile from exit 40 off I-84, at the corner of 1358 New Britain Avenue and Berkshire Road.
          Coffee and light refreshments will be available.

          $5.00 donation requested

          Additional information:     tele. 860-522-0341     Email: FI9967CT@gmail.com

          First annual Women's UFO Symposium

          To read more go to StarworksUSA.

          "Past, Present, and the Paranormal", June 9th, 2012 in Ashland, Ohio

          You won't want to miss this fascinating journey from Roswell to Marley Woods and the surprising connections that are unfolding in UFOlogy. This will be a conference bursting with "cutting-edge" discoveries and information.

          Col. Jesse Marcel Jr. speaks personally about his experiences in the "Roswell Incident" and its aftermath. A case that, after 65 years, is still the center of controversy.

          Ted Phillips, taking a brief breather from his ongoing investigation at Marley Woods, shares his surprising discoveries. Discoveries that will turn your perceptions about the UFO phenomenon upside down!

          For more information click Here.

          CNN - Amazing UFO Footage!! WE WANT THE DISCLOSURE in 2012!!

          Colin Andrews Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

          We wanted you to know that we have posted a video which was aired about Colin when he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 UFO Congress in Arizona last week. It is a great overview of his life and work.

          In celebration of this award we are offering a special 50% coupon for any and all of Colin's products we sell. Just use this code "UFOcongress" at checkout for your discount.

          Here is the link to the video at our website with the video: www.archivehousemedia.com

          TV show without any derision in the comments regarding the UFOs

          Last Wednesday February 29th , a recorded TV broadcast was scheduled at 8.30 pm on the private digital TV "Direct 8".
          It lasted 3 hours.
          During the first 2 hours the presenter explained that:
          there are extraterrestrial lives,
          some of them are more advanced than the earthlings,
          as Fermi said: where are they all?
          we must learn to communicate with them,
          there are unsolicited and may be dangerous interactions in our environment (flights).

          Unbelievable! It is the first time that there were not any derision in the comments regarding the UFOs. The message was really: "please wake up and take care of the intent of our visitors". During the last hour (10.30 to 11.30 pm) the message changed a little. We felt the impact of the skeptics. The message was more centered on the Seti program, the wow and the light speed. In short: As Einstein said that anything can't go faster than light, the extraterrestrial civilizations if they exist, can't visit us, etcÖ and then their vessels can't be viewed on Earth excepted in the minds. I think, after viewed the first part of the program it was not really possible to agree with the last part. And it was late, many went to bed. That private TV reached its better audience from its creation: 1.2 million people. To compare to a good success on the national TV, that is 6 millions. Thanks very much to the members of the Academy of Ufology who spoke in the program:
          Mister Stanton Friedman for the Roswell case,
          Mister Jacques Patenet for his speech to the pilots of the Civil Aviation

          Two more shows on the theme of the UFO/ET are scheduled next week on the same TV!

          Blind Spots and Observing

          Most of us are well aware of the need to use "Averted Vision" to detect extremely faint objects in the field of view.

          Here is an amazing demonstration that illustrates the importance of scanning.

          When pilots are in training they are told to scan the horizon for a short distance, stop momentarily, and repeat the process. This is the most effective technique to locate other aircraft. It was emphasized (repeatedly) to NOT fix your gaze for more than a couple of seconds on any single object.

          The instructors, some of whom were WWII veterans with years of experience, instructed to continually "keep your eyes moving and your head on a swivel".

          This is the best way to detect tiny objects and avoid hazards.

          Click on the link for a demonstration. It probably should be used for driving schools as well.

          For Demo click Here.

          The scale of the Universe 2

          Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn about everything in between.

          To Learn More click Here.

          IRN Presents: The 2012 UFO 'Cover-Up' Debate

          The UFO 'Cover-Up'! True or False? Join us on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 at 7pm EST - 10:30pm EST for a special IRN presentation of the "2012 UFO 'Cover-Up' Debate". This debate will be moderated by the esteemed journalist Leslie Kean and contested by the respected researchers and authors, Dr. John Alexander and Richard Dolan. Listeners will have a chance to listen in, call-in, participate, and decide which side made a better case for the widely discussed argument of whether the government plays a role in UFO investigations..

          For more information click Here.

          Disclosure Petition II - the Rockefeller Initiative

          "Disclosure Petition II - the Rockefeller Initiative" will be submitted to the White House "We the People" project on February 23 accompanied by a considerable amount of media and web promotion. PRG executive director, Stephen Bassett, will appear on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory that evening to explain the importance of this petition and call for the 25,000 signatures in 30 days (by March 22) required to receive a White House response.

          For more information click Here.

          Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Gears Up For First Passenger Flights

          LOS ANGELES, Calif. - This year is key for Virgin Galactic's bid to become the first commercial spaceliner service, as rocket-powered flights of its SpaceShipTwo are on the books for summer.

          Meanwhile, assembly of a second vehicle pair - the WhiteKnightTwo carrier plane and another SpaceShipTwo suborbital space plane - is in progress at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

          To read more click Here.

          UFO Found In Baltic Sea?

          Clifford Clift Is Stepping Down As MUFON's International Director

          David MacDonald, member of MUFON's board of Directors and State Director for Kentucky will replace Clift as International Director (ID) February 1, 2012. Clift is stepping down as ID due to personal commitments and family health issues, which will require his full attention. He said, "MUFON needs a full time ID and he will not be able to provide full time leadership under these conditions".

          To read more click Here.

          UFO Connect Short Announcement

          NASA finding feeds talk of a new Earth

          More UFO petitions added to the
          White House website

          In early November, the White House officially responded to two UFO petitions on their "We The People" section of the White House website. The White House stated that "The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race." Authors of the petitions, as well as some supporters of these petitions, were hoping for a different response.

          To read more go to www.openminds.tv.